Which homeschooling program is the best?

Each Calvert course, from preschool to eighth grade, includes 160 lessons, with 20 refresher lessons. Calvert homeschooling uses a combination of traditional textbooks and online learning (we appreciate the combination) and starts with a strong foundation of reading, writing and arithmetic.

Which homeschooling program is the best?

Each Calvert course, from preschool to eighth grade, includes 160 lessons, with 20 refresher lessons. Calvert homeschooling uses a combination of traditional textbooks and online learning (we appreciate the combination) and starts with a strong foundation of reading, writing and arithmetic. That base is then combined with history, science, music, geography and the arts. Read more in the full Calvert Homeschool curriculum review here.

Memoria Press is arguably the most popular homeschooling curriculum that uses the classic approach. It is a program that is mailed to all children, especially gifted children. It allows talented students who study at home to exercise their minds rigorously and challenges them using classic Christian methods. Homeschooling is not an invention of the modern era.

For centuries, children have been studying at home, but not until recently has it become so accessible. While in the past parents struggled, often alone, to educate their children at home, new innovations have made it easier for any 21st century family to homeschool. With the growth of online homeschooling programs, a new range of possibilities opens up for those seeking more than just traditional education. There are several such programs available, and we've selected eight of the most popular online homeschooling programs.

Each one is structured to work differently, so here are some of their similarities and differences. These programs are great for parents wondering how to start studying at home, as well as for veteran students studying at home. They offer a wide range of courses, lesson planners, and other online tools to help parents get started and stay organized. Starting with a private Christian school in 1954, Abeka grew out of the need for appropriate, faith-based textbooks.

The founders of the school wrote and published their own materials and, from this beginning, their path led to the formation of a publishing house and, finally, to the creation of a homeschooling program. Today, Abeka still maintains the Christian values and the traditional academic approach of its founders, proclaiming as its mission the development of each student not only intellectually, but also morally and spiritually. One of the advantages of Abeka is its video lessons. For each course, from fourth to twelfth grade, a series of professionally recorded and taught classes are available.

Parents can use these videos throughout their children's study period, or they can select more limited options for their use. Whatever the choice, they have access to Abeka's materials and instruction at a much slower rate than usual in school enrollment or even in private tutoring. Originally from a publisher created by the faculty of Bob Jones University, BJU Homeschooling offers a thoughtful and well-organized education to its students. With a Bible-based point of view, it seeks to eliminate the heavy lifting and complexity of homeschooling and, at the same time, provide a quality Christian education.

The education offered by IXL Learning focuses on technology. With a curriculum designed to suit students in kindergarten through 12th grade, it focuses on facilitating learning through the use of increasingly better technology. IXL uses this technology to provide its students with a fully immersive education. An advantage of Sonlight's literature-based curriculum is that it's especially suitable for families with several children.

Children can study certain subjects together, such as literature and history, while individually studying others, such as mathematics and language arts. Parent participation is crucial in the Sonlight program, although a comprehensive guide to all the daily work and discussions simplifies the work. However, some courses include access to online or DVD teaching. One of the distinctive features of Monarch Online is its complete adaptability.

Parents have access to their children's homework and schedules and can adapt them to individual needs. Even the placement itself is flexible, as parents have the ability to customize the grade level of each course. Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool operates with the mission of making homeschooling accessible to all families. This program, which ranges from preschool to high school, allows parents complete freedom to direct their children's use of the program.

Easy Peasy organizes its curriculum into levels that correspond to grades, but from subject to subject, parents can vary the specific level of each child. No planning is necessary and, to facilitate grading, most answers are available. The program also provides daily lesson plans and guidance, allowing for independent work. The Christian-based Easy Peasy program is divided into two sites, one for pre-K through eighth grade and one for high school.

It offers a full range of subjects for elementary and secondary school and a wide variety of college-oriented secondary courses. In addition to a computer, the student does not need supplies other than a standard pen and paper, and all resources and materials are available through the site. However, it is possible to purchase printable materials from the material to convert the program for offline use. Offered as a free program, Easy Peasy seeks to accommodate all families who want to study at home.

Without fees, the risk of trying it out is non-existent, making it an accessible option for those who want to make a first attempt at homeschooling or who want to check if the curriculum suits them. The site also provides external links to courses available for purchase or free of charge from other providers. All the different approaches to online homeschooling mean that every family should be able to find a program that fits their ideals and preferences. Whether traditional or progressive, Christian or secular, there are options available for any family.

However, what these programs have in common is that they simplify homeschooling and make it easily accessible to all. Online education can be the solution to concerns that prevent many people from pursuing the education they want for their children, whether for reasons of safety, environment, worldview, bullying, or other reasons. If you're considering changing the way you teach your children, maybe an online program will work for you. While this one isn't free, it's very reasonable and has a lot of “learning from life”.

Children can take care of pets, clean rooms and even dress up their avatars in the online homeschooling program. ABCMouse has a learning path for each level to ensure they are learning age-appropriate lessons. This program is for Pre K HS. Learning Time 4 is also mostly free online homeschooling, but it also offers printable lessons.

Abeka offers “School in a Box”, online homeschooling programs and video lessons. With Abeka, you can't really customize every theme for your kids. If you're ahead or behind on a specific topic, you may need to use a different resource to get supplemental materials. This is also a curriculum set based on Christianity.

Sonlight is for those who only want to use books and can be used for pre-K, 12th grade. They even include college preparation classes. Sonlight is a bit more customizable than Abeka, since you can purchase individual themes. If you're not sure what lesson to buy, they even have one store per level so you can make sure you're selecting the appropriate material for your age.

To keep things simple, here are some of the best online curricula from homeschooling programs %26 based on our research. Children receive a monthly activity box containing 4 art and science projects and solve a mission by watching weekly interactive episodes and completing practical projects in supervised, live classes with children from all over the world. It's creative, social and a lot of fun. The Bridgeway Homeschooling Academy offers several ways for children to get the education they need at home.

Bridgeway offers courses tailored to various levels of education, including preschool, elementary, middle school and high school. If you're looking for a more comprehensive online learning experience for your children, you can consider Connections Academy. It is a full-time, tuition-free online school that offers courses for elementary, middle and high school students. Connections Academy aims to help students connect with each other even when they are online.

This program includes virtual clubs where students with similar interests can join and allows children to communicate outside the classroom for activities such as field trips. Your child will be able to take courses in all subjects, from mathematics, science, reading, writing, etc. All classes are taught by certified teachers with a focus on preparing your child for college. Connections Academy is completely free, and all you have to worry about paying for are typical school supplies, such as notebooks and pencils.

Each student is assigned a teacher who is responsible for keeping them on the right track. They will make a monthly call to review what the student is learning and how they are doing with their homework. Your responsibilities are to make sure your child is learning what they need. As leaders in literature-rich homeschooling for thirty years, Sonlight provides you with everything you need to homeschool with excellence.

They know that the individual attention of homeschooling allows children to succeed with demanding materials, and they want their child to expand intellectually, strive to learn, and be excited while doing so. Mentoring Minds is an online homeschooling curriculum that aims to bring critical thinking to life, applying the “9 Traits of Critical Thinking”. Their website, How Do I Homeschool, is a springboard for parents to see what a life of homeschooling could be like for both of them (26% of their children). As one of the comprehensive and promising homeschooling curricula, The Good and The Beautiful is one of the most popular homeschooling curricula on the market today.

Homeschooling your children is not a sprint, it's a long-distance race and you'll be glad you chose it. Wings to Soar uses a combination of quality independent online study programs and Zoom classes for small groups (for science and writing interventions in middle and high schools and a new Foundations of Mathematics course). All One Day Enrichment classes are taught by experts in the field of teaching, and parents can leave their children and take time to do other things: doctor's appointments, shopping, lesson planning, a bubble bath, or whatever a homeschooling working mom might need. Homeschooling families love Supernow Adventure Club because it easily enriches and complements their homeschool curriculum.

With a comprehensive curriculum of more than 8,000 skills covering five subjects and more than 30 popular textbook series, IXL can help any student studying at home. This free classic homeschooling curriculum recommends books you'll need if you want to study with the classic method. The package includes everything you need to educate your student at home, including the teacher's books you need. One Day Enrichment exists to support and encourage homeschooling families by offering weekly classes to students of all ages.

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