Which Homeschool Math Curriculum is the Best?

Discover which homeschooling math curriculums are best for struggling students! Learn about Saxon Maths & Horizons Maths plus many more.

Which Homeschool Math Curriculum is the Best?

Top 10 Math Curriculum Programs for Homeschooling: Saxon Math, Horizons Math, Life of Fred, Rightstart Math, Khan Academy, VideoText Math, Math Adventures, Math Mammoth. You can use the platform to learn if your child is homeschooled. Brighterly has the best math curriculum for struggling students, combining fun games and exciting exercises to make the learning experience more enjoyable for children. Your child will meet talented teachers who will customize the modules based on each child's level and requirements.

It brilliantly caters to children ages three to eleven, from the pre-K level to the fifth grade. While it's a professional tutoring service, the classes are also engaging and fun. There are different math course packages, so you can choose the one your child is most excited about. Try a free demo before choosing a course option.

Math-U-See is one of the top home-taught mathematics curricula for struggling students, offering a comprehensive K-12 math education with a particular set of talents. The course of study consists of 13 levels, starting with an introduction to mathematics and ending in calculus. The curriculum integrates content from previous levels using tools that make mathematics less complex. With the Math-U-See curriculum, your struggling child will learn more arithmetic topics at a comfortable speed.

The Math-U-See curriculum benefits your children by using video lessons, textbooks and Internet resources in the learning process. You can use interactive strategies at all levels to keep children interested in studying. A second mathematics curriculum for struggling students is the Singaporean mathematics curriculum. This curriculum focuses on the philosophy that if children don't have strong mathematical foundations, they will have problems with complex math concepts.

The curriculum encourages children to improve critical reasoning by memorizing and thinking about ways to solve math problems. Singapore's Mathematics curriculum includes textbooks, workbooks and guides for the in-home instructor. Because instructor manuals are available, children gain a strong foundation with this curriculum and can always return to previous lessons. The program ensures that children spend more time mastering a particular mathematical concept before moving on to the next idea.

Horizons Math is an engaging curriculum that can form an excellent foundation for children learning at home to catch up with their classmates. The curriculum helps your child learn basic math and introduces fun activities to record the lessons in your child's mind. The program helps children understand the principles of algebra, as it provides a structured and balanced study method. Horizons Math has two vivid and well-organized manuals with 80 classes per book, offering 160 courses per year.

It contains daily lesson plans, answers for teachers, practical exercises and printable worksheets for children, while offering consistent practice to develop your child's math skills. Khan Academy understands that learning styles and approaches are unique to each child. Some children need special attention, while others can quickly understand math concepts. Khan Academy provides an adequate representation of mathematics, physics, history, economics, etc.

The academy has a reliable collection of lessons on different subjects to close the learning gaps for its students. Khan Academy has free math programs for struggling students of all ages. Its instructional videos and personalized learning panel offer a wide range of subjects to help your children prepare for the K-14, LSAT, SAT and Praxis exams. With a strong foundation already in place, there's no limit to what your child can achieve with the Khan Academy curriculum.

The Khan Academy team always strives to make it easier for teachers to know what their students are doing and how to support them. In addition, parents and teachers can comfortably determine if their children are struggling with classes or if they are simply trying to learn more about a particular concept. The best part is that the classes are completely free. Saxon Math is a learning framework that works from scratch to a higher level of comprehension.

The developers of this math curriculum for struggling students at home understand that a child's ability to understand new mathematical ideas is based on their previous mathematical knowledge. With this curriculum, you can introduce and link numerous math principles that your child has learned throughout the school year to create a strong foundation. Many children struggle with math even before they receive a diagnosis that shows they have dyslexia. Children with dyslexia cannot learn through rote memory or sequential skills; therefore, they may have difficulty remembering formulas and basic rules to follow when dealing with math problems.

Dyslexia can affect other areas of your child's life, not just the ability to study math. With the RightStart math curriculum, dyslexia and math problems will be a thing of the past. RightStart Math is an elementary and secondary mathematics curriculum that uses visual representations to explain counting, mathematical data, measurements, and more. The curriculum uses an educational tool called AL Abacus to appeal to children's senses and images.

It also offers games that children can play to understand multi-level math concepts and develop a love for mathematics. Brighterly is an online math platform that offers high-level courses to challenge your children. Tutors know how to help struggling math students, as they easily incorporate fun and games into the learning process. Instructors interact with children to see what works for them.

Compared to the conventional method of doing exercises and evaluating students, these instructors take the time to boost their children's morale. This strategy reassures children about the stress-free nature of Brighterly's learning environment. The math tutor works with parents to give their child everything they need for the best math experience. Jessica is an experienced math tutor with more than a decade of experience in the field.

With a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Mathematics, she enjoys nurturing math geniuses regardless of age, grade, and abilities. In addition to mentoring, Jessica blogs at Brighterly He also has experience in child psychology, homeschooling, and curriculum consultation for schools and educational technology websites. How confident are you in mathematics? Some of the world's best math students come from Singapore, and Singapore Math...

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